Our Services


Home Support

If you find yourself unable to take care of your in-home needs due to illness, disability or just plain-old aging, we can provide you with home support. We will visit you on a schedule that is right for you and help you out with a variety of tasks that you are no longer able to do completely on your own. We can cooperate with you on meal preparation, bedside services, bathroom/hygiene matters, and so forth. Let us help reduce your stress.

Companionship Service

We are above all, a source of companionship day or night… we are good listeners as well as good workers! When you or your loved one needs emotional support, we can be there to interact in a way that no TV or radio can. Your favourite activities and entertainment are still possible with our help. You dictate your comfort-zone of socialization and companionship… we meld with your needs.

Respite Care

For multi-member families, there is often the need to take a break from caring for a spouse or parent. Caregiving duties and responsibilities can become overwhelming on a 24/7 basis... we can provide some much-needed relief for you. Allow us to provide respite… take the time to recharge yourself both physically and emotionally.


Hospital and Appointment Assistance

Making appointments and keeping them can be stressful. Let us help with this paperwork so that you will not miss any appointments or inadvertently over-schedule yourself.

Household Duties

Nothing is as necessary and potentially more difficult and boring as the usual household responsibilities. We can provide relief for you by assisting in dishwashing, laundry, dusting, garbage-handling, and whatever else you can direct us to do on your behalf. You will be so much happier living in a clean and organized environment.

Meals Preparation

We all need to eat, but we can’t all handle the task of cooking. Let us prepare meals for you based on your diet and culinary enjoyment. Delicious and healthy food makes for a good day… and don’t forget dessert!


Alzheimer's Care

It isn’t just our body, but our mind as well that can decline as we age. Allow us to provide care… we can’t cure dementia, but at least we can be there for you and/or your family as you navigate this difficult and stressful path. Personal achievements and independence are goals that are still attainable for many for a long period.


24 hours and Live-in Care

We can be there for you whenever you need us. Personal care doesn’t run on a 9 to 5 schedule, and neither do we. If we can help you live at home instead of moving to a care facility, then let’s work this out together. You tell us whether you would like 20-minute care or 24-hour care… everyone is different, and we honor that.


Accompaniment and Incidental Transportation

It sometimes feels like there is no end of appointments in our lives. Doctors, hospitals, and a variety of specialists need to be visited… we can help you travel from your home to your appointment and back. We have reliable, comfortable and wheelchair accessible vehicles with patient, responsible, safe drivers. We can keep you company in the waiting room. Leave the stress to us!

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